Although Roots Hair Colour Shampoo has no ammonia, there are certain precautions you have to take before starting to use the product. Preliminary test should be done to identify whether your skin is prone to any sensitivity. The allergy test has to be performed in an area which can notice sensitivity quickly, like the ear lobe. If wearing jewelry on your ears, remove it first.

Take a small portion of the Roots Hair Colour Shampoo and apply behind your ears for about the size of a coin. Allow the product to dry for 24 hours. In between, if you experience any swelling or itching or redness in the applied area, don’t use the product. Do this test before every application. This product is meant for external use only.

roots hair colour shampoo



If you have developed allergy to a hair dye, then immediately remove the dye by washing your hair with a mild soap or with a soap-free shampoo. Some home remedies if you are facing hair-dye allergy / stains :