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Roots Hair Color Shampoo (Super Duper Family Pack) comes as a blessing who have been wanting to colour their chest hair, moustache & beard and is the most convenient since the shampoo requires no bowl or brush to colour your hair. Amazing results in just 15 minutes. Roots hair color shampoo is free of Ammonia and has low PPD.

roots hair colour shampoo

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Roots hair color shampoo combo pack is purely natural and is enhanced with pearl extract. One time application gives amazing results in just 15 minutes. Roots Hair Colour Shampoo is one of the bestselling hair colour shampoo and has been recognized by the industry for its pleasant fragrance and ease of use. Each application last for 3-4 weeks (based on the number of washes).Don’t let your roots color give away your natural hair secret!

Roots hair color shampoo combo pack is enriched with Pearl extracts. An essential by-product from pearls converts into human collagen and combines with skin lipids to form a natural moisture barrier that maintains the moisture level by preventing water from escaping through the skin – giving it a radiant glow.

Usage: It can be used 24-25 times.

Quantity: The family combo pack contain 400ml hair colour shampoo and 5 pouches of 30 ml each

However, a re-touch is recommended every 2-3 weeks to keep your looks Young & Trendy. The special formula in Roots hair color shampoo combo pack ensures that all your white/grey/safe hair are coloured evenly giving you a young, natural look. This Shampoo gives maximum color impact with minimum stress to hair cuticles. Low PPD (Paraphenylenediamine) hair dye is essential for those who have sensitive skin and hair. Root Hair Colour Shampoo makes it an easy decision.

Major benefits of Roots hair color shampoo is that it is ammonia free, enriched with organic ingredients and has low PPD. It is THE safest hair dye with no side effects.


5 Simple Steps to use:

1. Wet your hands.

2. Pump Out the required amount of shampoo from the bottle

3. Lather it well

4. Apply the mixture on head, hands hair, moustache, chest beard and any other grey hair in your body.

5. Wait for 15 minutes then rinse your hair to experience amazing results.


  1. Carley Laurie

    Much better than I could imagine. I’ve had it for two weeks and have already referred two people!
    Super excited about it! My hair has never looked or felt better! I only need to wash my hair twice per week and don’t even need dry shampoo! I only wish that they offer some offers or gift coupons on their products.

  2. Sebestian

    First time I used hair color and I am happy that I chose this. It has Shampoo with conditioner and hair color properties. This worked perfectly. This shampoo is good for all types of hair. It softens the hair and my hair growth fastened.

  3. Micheal Swango

    This is the brand of color care shampoo I have tried and I find this the best. The price is very reasonable and a small amount lathers up nicely. The pump is awesome because it “portions” the product which keeps me from squeezing out too much. I shampoo nearly every day and this product is gentle and seems to protect my color. Honestly, my color is now lasting longer than when I spent over $100 for color at the salon. I am a happy customer.

  4. Niresh Raghavan

    There is no itching or dryness in his scalp after using it. It is a shampoo and not a regular hair color, but to get the best result just apply it and sit for 3-5 minutes, and wash after that. You just might fall in love with the results just like my dad did.

  5. Rahul Singh

    Guy’s something awesome in market believe me guy’s it’s just awesome there is no stains on skin after applying it I m happy I was searching for this kind of product for my white beard I tried so many colors but won’t work this one is awesome. Procedure, safety instruction everything is clearly written on the packet of the shampoo.

  6. Anil kumar


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