Root Hair Colour Shampoo FAQs

A. Yes. You can use it on any body hair without worrying about staining your skin.

A. Based on the frequency of washing your hair, the colour will last between 2 – 3 weeks.

A. Yes, we deliver all over India for prepaid orders. For CoD, we cover all the metros, major cities & district places. If your town is not in our delivery map, we shall consult with you to change the mode of payment.

A. Roots Easy Hair Colour Shampoo does not contain Ammonia. It has a small percentage of PPD.

A. No, You will use this once in 3-4 week as hair colour shampoo. And other days you will use your regular shampoo.

A. Yes. But for children above 14 yrs and after the allergy test.

A. We do not sell samples. The minimum you can order is the five pouches travel pack.

A. We recommend that you try out the Hair Colour Shampoo as advised in the directions portion of the outer packaging. In case you are allergic to the product, please call us back & we shall consult with the trichology expert.

A. Please use a gentle soap and rinse your hands. Follow the procedure for a couple of days – multiple times in the day. You will see that the colour (if any) will fade away.

A. If you have been using Hair dye before, then you will definitely like this product as it is mostly natural. But It is always recommended that you do an allergy test as people may have sensitive skin. Follow the instructions on the packaging or visit :

A. The hair colour used in Roots is a natural plant pigment and during application gets combined with Shampoo. Hence there is no reason to use gloves. However, we recommend that you wash hands within 3 minutes of application.

A. We are based in Pune, MH and the product is available to purchase all over India. Please call or WhatsApp at +91 70280 33277 for any post sales related enquiry.