Easy Steps to Find the Perfect Hair Color for You

Easy Steps to Find the Perfect Hair Color for You

https://rootshaircolor.com Want to change your look but don’t want to end up with a disaster? No matter if you want a natural, or bold look, you can find the right color for you. The perfect color matches your features and skin tone while making your hair look amazing. follow below points to Find the Perfect Hair Color for You.

Formulating and executing perfect hair color can be tricky business, but only if you don’t take the proper steps!

Follow these points to achieve beautiful results every time :

Assessing skin tone

Finding your skin tone is key to having your hair color compliment your skin. Choosing a color that doesn’t match your skin tone can clash with your skin and features, which can look unnatural. Before choosing a hair color, decide if you are a cool or warm toned person.

Keep your age in mind

As you get older, lighter and more intense colors aren’t quite as flattering and soft, darker colors become a better choice. Regardless of whether you have a warm or cool skin tone, light blonde will highlight any wrinkles or skin imperfections that you have. Make sure to pick a color that looks soft instead of harsh on your face.

Consider the healthiness of your hair

Hair that is damaged as a result of excessive heat tool use, over-washing, and excessive dyeing may be trickier to dye. If your hair is damaged, it might be better to not make a drastic change. However, if you’ve never dyed your hair, then just about any color will likely attach well to your hair follicle.

Decide whether you want permanent or semi-permanent dye

 Semi-permanent or temporary dye does not require you to bleach your hair and can be healthier than using permanent dye. However, exposure to the air and shampooing will fade the color quickly, and the dye typically only lasts for six weeks. Permanent dye uses the process of oxidation, which infuses the color into your hair for a longer period, but can also cause more damage to your hair than a temporary dye would.

If you are unsure of the color that you want, use a temporary dye first before committing to a permanent dye.